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Maxine Brisport

Education Director

Maxine Brisport joined 15-LOVE in November, 2010 as the Education Director. Her primary duties are the College Prep and Leadership Programs. Maxine is a dedicated and compassionate School Psychologist who is eager and motivated to participate in community based programs to enhance the academic and postsecondary outcome of inner city students.   For the past 20 years, she has shown the commitment to optimizing student success and ensuring that each student achieves at his or her academic potential. Maxine consistently promotes services and programs to ensure the academic success of all students, regardless of background, academic potential and aptitude.

Maxine has a Masters of Education degree, with an Advanced Certification in School Psychology along with Post Graduate work in the area of School Neuropsychology. She continues to enhance her academic background by attending both local and national conferences in the areas of School Psychology, Community Involvement and Youth Leadership Programs. She is well known for her community service and leadership in various nonprofit community organizations. Overall, Maxine is a constant presence in programs and activities that are geared towards youth within the Capital District.